Being Off-pearl and Absences

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Being Off-pearl and Absences Empty Being Off-pearl and Absences

Post  Sabaron on Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:29 pm

This is just a note from a behavior noticed during last Thursday's run.

Please do not remove your pearl during Gather Together and party formation. When we form parties, we use "/sea linkshell" to invite members and to see who hasn't been invited yet. If you're off-pearl, we assume that you're with a different LS and not affiliated with CK. We also cannot get an adequate count of members if you do this. This is one of the reasons we had to have people sit out last time. I consider it extremely discourteous to be off-pearl and then expect to be seated in place of another. In the future, I will ignore all requests from off-pearl members to be seated in a party regardless of job or skill unless you can get someone to volunteer to sit out for you.

If you are a new member and do not have a pearl, please let us know immediately.

Also, if you are not attending the run, please either don't wear the pearl or send a member of leadership a /tell indicating that you don't plan to attend--this helps us out with head counts. You may, of course, use the pearl if you want to communicate with shell members, but it helps us out if you go off-pearl or let us know you're not coming during party formation so we don't reserve seats for people who aren't coming.

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