How to Get to Nashmau Using Nyzul Isle

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How to Get to Nashmau Using Nyzul Isle Empty How to Get to Nashmau Using Nyzul Isle

Post  Sabaron on Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:14 pm

This path is easy and very safe. It's especially good for people who do not have maps of Caedarva Mire, and it can be used even if the candescence is gone.

If you are familiar with Nyzul Isle, the easiest way to remember is that from the large main chamber complex:

Northeast Pad > Left Pad > Left Pad > Exit

Here are the detailed instructions:

If you using the Runic Portal:

1a. Starting from the Staging Point, Exit through the North Door.
1b. Go West until you see a Gilded Door to the South.
1c. Enter the Gilded Door and go West again until you reach a teleporter pad.
>>> Skip the next section and go to Step 2 Below »»

If you're using the Nyzul Isle entrance from Bhaflau Thickets at (F-6)

1a. You will eventually come to a large room with only one teleporter. Take the teleporter.
1b. From the room you enter take the Teleporter on the left (It is on the West side of the room) to the large main complex.
1c. From where you land go North around a turn and you'll end up going East.
1d. You will see a teleport pad... Ignore this teleporter and continue East.
1e. Stop at the second teleporter pad....
2. Take the Teleporter pad to a new room.
3. After you warp to a new room, take the Teleporter on the Left (this pad will be East of the place where you start).
4. After you warp to a new room again, take the Teleporter on the Left again (this time the pad will be on the West side).
5. After you warp this final time, Exit through the passage directly in front of you (the only way out that's not a teleporter).

You should now be in Caedarva Mire

6. Follow the passage to it's eventual end where you will find a Blue Mage named Tyamah. If you don't see Tyamah, you went the wrong way.
7. Talk to Tyamah to exit.
8. There is an Easy Prey Orderly Imp just outside the entrance--it is the only aggressive mob. Deal with it however you see fit. Just remember that unless you possess a Remnants Permit or a Silver coin you can't get back into Nyzul Isle.
9. Follow the South wall--you should be going primarily West.
10. Stay on the south side of the lily pond, continue west until you zone into Nashmau.[b]

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How to Get to Nashmau Using Nyzul Isle Empty Dvucca Isle express way

Post  Kyofooyo on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:51 pm

From Dvucca Isle staging point, head straight south (hug the east wall) you'll need both sneak and invisible to get past the mobs. Be careful about the random imp in the way.

From there, enter Nyzul Isle using either an Imperial Silver Piece of a Remnants Pass. The rest is easy; you will enter Nyzul Isle to see you only have one choice in terms of porter selections, so take the only porter.

After that, exit Nyzul Isle. You will zone out just to the west of Nashmau. To get to Hazlam, walk north, then west to zone in like usual!


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