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Post  grigoris on Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:35 am

Here is the link


I took out a few names from the list of inactive players. If your name does not show up, send me a tell and I will add you back in.
I took the names out to help read the list, not to punish anyone for missing due to RL.


If you notice an error.. plz tell me before ein or after... DO NOT SPAM ME AT RUN TIME ABOUT POINTS

Many times I have to pull mobs and deal with someone fighting over 1 point. If you send me tells about points during the event I will spaz on you. You have time to check the net and inspect your points before or after.. Do not check while I am pulling and expect me to fix them right away. To many times I die pulling trying to answer 10 tells about points... I repeat... Do not send tells about points during ein run time.


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