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Post  Sabaron on Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:13 pm

How to Get And Lose Points

1. Players receive 1 point for each run they attend.
2. Players may bank a maximum of 45 points. Increased from 25 as of 9/22/9.
3. Players lose 1 point for an unexcused absence.
Punctuality bonus was never implemented, rule was removed 9/22/9.
How Points Are Spent

At any time during the lotting process, if you would say about a given item in the treasure pool that you would not use it within any reasonable amount of time (e.g. Within the next 2 months) or that you would drop that item upon receipt, please pass the item immediately.

You will also be asked to pass on items once their lotting is confirmed. You should not pass on items that you want before the eligibility of the winning lotter is confirmed as the lotting may progress to a lower level.

Bids are placed on any Abjurations, Khroma Ore, or Imperial Wootz Ingots in the pool. Highest bidders get to lot the item. A person may elect to bid the same number of points as the current high bidder--no one may bid higher than the item's cap. After all bids are in, all of those people who have bid the highest number of points may lot the item. The winner of the lot is the only one who spends points.

Point Tiers:

Free Lot Items
Any synthesis material other than Imperial Wootz Ingots or Khroma Ore.

Tier I Items (Maximum bid of 10 points):
Khroma Ore

Tier II Items (Maximum bid of 15 points):
All Abjurations not listed (see below) under Tier III.
Imperial Wootz Ingot

Tier III Items (Maximum bid of 20 points):
Aquarian: Body
Earthen: Body
Hadean: Body
Martial: Body
Wyrmal: Body
Phantasmal: Body
Phantasmal: Feet
Hadean: Legs Tentatively added 10/07/2009, becomes permanent 10/16/2009.
Valhalla Breastplate
Valhalla Helm
Valkyrie's Fork

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Lotting Rules Empty Re: Lotting Rules

Post  Shadowviper on Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:05 pm

Time to update this?


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Lotting Rules Empty Re: Lotting Rules

Post  Rule on Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:22 am

i'm waiting to get admin access so i can revamp this...also for my dynamis shell too
yes please update >_>


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Lotting Rules Empty Re: Lotting Rules

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