Required Consumables :: BUY THESE FOR EVERY RUN ::

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Required Consumables :: BUY THESE FOR EVERY RUN :: Empty Required Consumables :: BUY THESE FOR EVERY RUN ::

Post  Sabaron on Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:11 pm

This is a list of things that you need to bring to every run:

1. Poison Potions: These keep you awake so you don't have to bother mages (who are very busy keeping people alive) for cures.

2. Echo Drops: So that you don't have to ask for Silena to keep your shadows up. Remember that your party's healer has 6 people to cure and that if none of you have Echo Drops, someone could die because they can't get their shadows up.

3. Food: We have received information that some DD's may be cheaping out and not eating food. Food significantly improves kill speed. Not eating food can cause us to lose.

4. Icarus Wing (Damage Dealers only): These are to be used on the boss mob during zerging.

5. Ether (All Mages): Super Ethers and Pro Ethers (remember you can only drink one Pro-ether every 5 minutes because they medicate, but you can drink unlimited Super Ethers).

6. Reraise: If you don't like Raise I, bring a Reraise Hairpin or Gorget, and if you don't, then you have no grounds to complain about receiving an R1.

Please note that Icarus Wings and Ethers are not strictly required for low-tier fights, but they are required for Tier III and Odin battles and recommended for lower tiers as well. We frequently win with 5 or fewer minutes on the clock. Two more Icarus Wings or an extra nuke or two could mean the difference between winning and losing on any tier. If you don't bring the items on the list and we lose, you are partially responsible for that loss.

I will be parsing on future runs. The parser keeps track of items used and will reveal DDs whose performance is low and we will address any issues individually. We ask that you bring your A game to Einherjar--it's a tough activity and everyone wants to be successful. It's not fair to people who are doing their best to have others who do not increasing the chance of loss.

Of course, I understand that you can occasionally forget things. If you forget something, I usually have extra meds and food with me at all times--if you ask, I'll sell you some at current AH rates.

I also understand that you occasionally will forget to use things like poison (I forget sometimes), so don't think any of this is designed to be Nazi-like. People have more fun when they win. Being well-prepared, I believe, will allow us to win harder chambers and bosses like the Morbol Emperor. Remember, though he is nasty, he drops Imperial Wootz Ingots...and I'm sure that you would like to see those, so bring your medicine and food and use them.

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