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Current Odin Strategy Empty Current Odin Strategy

Post  Sabaron on Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:28 am

For more information on Odin and how he works please review this material. It will be expected that you are aware of this information before reading the strategy.



Configuration of parties:

Odin's Tanks Group: 2 (PLD/WAR or PLD/NIN), 1 RDM, 1 WHM, ???, ???
Fomor's Tank Group: 2 PLD/RDM, 1 RDM, ???, ???, ???
Switch Tank (Fomor Group?): A 5th PLD/NIN or I think a NIN/WAR or THF/NIN could easily handle this. (New as of Dec 03, 2009).

PLD/WAR or PLD/NIN? The only attack performed by Odin that is absorbed by shadows is Gagnrath which is a front-conal terror attack. I think /NIN would be useful for blocking this attack, but that reduces hate control provided by /WAR and could cause additional damage to the odd parties. I'm undecided but leaning toward /NIN.

The Fomor Tank Group can either float into the DD alliance or the BLM/Tank alliance depending on how the DD configuration falls out, or it could even be set as an independent group if necessary, though this is not preferred. It's better to have a couple RNG or Melee DD in the group and have it visible in an alliance than to make it unobservable from either alliance and maintain rigid party guidelines.

Damage Dealer Configuration

Currently going with preferred damage jobs as: SMN > RNG = BLM > Melee

SMN and BLM are placed into their own parties and will take two or more of the following support agents: RDM/WHM (required), BRD/WHM (optional), COR/RNG (optional).

RNG are grouped together and take one support agent preferably a WHM/SCH.

Melee DD are grouped together and take one support agent, preferably a WHM/SCH.

It is preferred that there be 4 support agents in the DD alliance and that three of those be WHM/SCH (one per party).

Two hours:
Odin doesn't rage, heal himself, or regenerate so there is no need for an end-of-life surge. Using a surge at the end will only end up needlessly wasting large amounts of damage (that won't get done because of the choice of when to activate two-hours), and will needlessly require a support spike near the end of the battle when support is generally at its weakest. However, two-hours should be avoided early in the battle especially if using PLD/NIN as hate will be more fluid for the first few minutes. I would say 5 minutes would be an appropriate wait time before using attacks. Most melee jobs will want to store 100% TP and use their Icarus wing.

Therefore, two-hour abilities should be used carefully throughout the battle as support allows as there is no significant difference between using them during one portion of the battle or another. Anyone using their two-hour should position themselves so that any collateral damage caused by taking hate is minimized. For instance, it is a bad idea for a RNG using his two-hour to be standing amongst a group of mages as this will invite Odin to activate AoE attacks on the position of the ranger causing heavy damage to the support group.

Positional Dynamics:

Most of Odin's attacks have a spherical range of 20', and only one that is conical.

All players should Flank Odin and he should never be turned to face the mages. Anyone taking hate should seek to reposition Odin in his normal position. This would be optimal, but unlikely to occur. Therefore, if Odin is out of position, melees should flank and back-line should move to 20'. The most important idea of positioning with enmity is that the person with hate should seek to protect the back line from collateral damage from AoE attacks.

In general: Mages at 21', Melee Flank


The first movement is an Advance and occurs in conjunction with Odin's use of Geirrothr and occurs 3 times at 75%, 50%, and 25%. When Odin reaches 77-78%, 52-53%, or 27-28%, all players not otherwise engaged should move near Odin. Esuna or Sacrifice Esuna will be needed to remove the Bind effect.

The second movement is a Withdrawl and occurs in conjunction with Odin's use of Zantetsuken. When Odin reaches 11-12% life, all melees without hate should retreat to a minimum safe distance of 30'. The only players that should be in proximity to Odin should be the Paladins. Once Zantetsuken goes off, attack should resume normally. If a player has hate or cannot reach minimum safe distance of 30', they should use the /heal command to avoid the instant death effect of Zantetsuken.

Fomor Group
The three waves of Fomor that spawn during Odin will be handled by the fomor kiting group that consists of two tanks and their support units. One PLD will generally have two fomor and the other should have one to reduce the damage rate. Phalanx should be up at all times, usage of Rampart/Sentinel/Invincible is at the discretion of the tanks.

The best way to get hate on the fomor is to cast Diaga on Odin when they spawn. If hate shifts during the spawn and the fomor move to an alternate target, alternative methods will need to be used.

The fomor lose hate occasionally. A lookout should be used if kiting. It straight tanking or shadow tanking, no lookout is required.

Buffing Jobs:

Odin dispels buffs on all players within 20' every time he loses 10% of his health. Therefore, long-term buffing strategies are thwarted, and will be sub-optimal. Only back-line groups can benefit significantly from buffing and should remain at least 20' from Odin (The radius of the outer circle on normal radar is 20'). Bard rotation strategies will fail, therefore it is better to replace Bards with DD or Support. For purposes of the strategy above I decided that 2 DDs and 1 Support agent would be the most appropriate configuration. Buff configuration for BLM/SMN groups will be the same. Frequent dispels indicates that any buff rotations such as Haste rotations be paused when crossing 10% marks. Shell/Protect restoration may become costly though I do not know if it will produce a greater effect long-term than healing. Buffs should be used as quickly as possible after Odin activates Sanngetall.

Jobs with Light-based Dispel (COR and BRD) should use it to dispel Dread Spikes.

Nuking Mages
In order to maximize efficiency, nuking should be restricted to tier III magic. -ga magic should not be employed as it creates a danger of shifting hate of the Fomor assistants in addition to wasting MP. Large nuking spike damage is unnecessary and Odin is immune to stunning. DoT should be maintained at all times.

If a scholar is present, Luminohelix is preferred as Odin is weak to Light.

Rangers should remain outside 20' since ranged attack is possible at this range and rangers will be out of range. Trueflight can be used if a Ranger's build allows for its use since Odin is weak to it. Unfortunately, I have no idea what general resist rates are, so I can't say that it would be better or worse than Sidewinder. Rangers should feel free to experiment.

Summoners should two-hour sequentially. The two-hour active Summoner should receive preferential treatment from support. Two-hour should be announced in party chat. Two-hour pact avatar should be Carbuncle since Odin is weak to Searing Light. Otherwise, the Summoner should use one of his best-merited avatars based on day. Fenrir and Diabolos should be avoided.

Non-magical DDs
The /NIN subjob is virtually useless since all of the attacks that will generally hit melees either ignore or destroy shadows without any reducing the effect of the attack. Therefore, DDs should use whichever subjob provides the greatest increase in damage output, SAM/WAR, DRK/SAM, etc... Since buffs are dispelled every 10% HP, and there will be no March effects in play, Haste builds will be diminished in power though it would be for individual observation whether or not a given haste build is overshadowed by an alternate (Attack/Accuracy) build.

See buffing for use of regeneration spells. Sacrifice/Esuna will be common after TP Attacks. Stona will need to be macroed to deal with Breakga. Auspice is dangerous to apply to melee groups for diminished gains since many of Odin's special attacks are timed rather than based on TP accumulation. Auspice should at WHM's discretion avoiding exposure to both timed and TP-based special attacks.


All non-magical DDs should be in possession of an Icarus Wing.

All mages should have 1-2 Pro-ethers. The 15 minute medication timer means that up to two can be used, but the first one should be used early. This means that mages should disproportionately increase MP spending near the start of the fight to allow for the use of 2 Pro-ether if they are using the 2 potion strategy. Summoner's will likely want to have smaller ether potions for Astral Flow to avoid wasting Pro-ethers.

All players should possess: Echo Drops, Holy Water, Poison Potions, and Eye Drops

Poison potions should be used continuously as Odin can cast Sleepga and has no ability to Charm.

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Current Odin Strategy Empty Adjusted Strategies for Fomor Kiting

Post  Sabaron on Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:51 pm

Adjusted Strategies for Fomor Kiting:

Since we recently had difficulty tanking fomor with 2 PLDs, we decided to move to 3 PLDs. However, PLDs are not necessarily the best or most useful choice for this, I don't think. Tanking a single mob is relatively easy for a number of jobs especially with assistance. Therefore, I think I would entertain changing the Fomor Tanking Group to include any of the following:


Hate control is a non-issue since no one is attacking but the tank.

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